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Air Natur Home


我们的Air Natur挥发棒香薰体积小但十分高效,采用含有天然精油的高品质香料制成,拜其由浸润满香液的被称为“游戏棒”的轧制纤维棒所组成的香薰系统之赐,可以浓郁且持久地散发香气,适于较小的空间如卫生间和储藏室。

How to use



airnaturhomeAir Natur Luxe

  1. Take the reed diffuser and the stick out of the case.
  2. Remove the trim and safety shutter from the bottle.
  3. Screw the trim back on. It will give a more elegant touch to the diffuser.
  4. Put the sticks into the botlle. The amount of sticks will depend on the degree of intensity and duration you want.
  5. Enjoy your favorite perfume.
  6. Turn the sticks to regulate and intensify the intensity of the perfume.