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Schilfdifuser 100ml 0% alcohol

A new line of air fresheners just as carefully selected and just as aromatic as always but 0% ALCOHOL.
Ten diferents aromas in 100 ml bottles for a longer duration and intensity thanks to its pressed fibre reeds, that diffuse the fragrance for the invironment in a unique way.
Each aroma will be an unique and respectful experience for you and the environmet.

How to use



airnaturhomeReed Diffuser 100ml 0% alcohol

  1. Take the reed diffuser and the stick out of the case.
  2. Remove the trim and safety shutter from the bottle.
  3. Screw the trim back on. It will give a more elegant touch to the diffuser.
  4. Put the sticks into the botlle. The amount of sticks will depend on the degree of intensity and duration you want.
  5. Enjoy your favorite perfume.
  6. Turn the sticks to regulate and intensify the intensity of the perfume.