Air Natur Can

This is a concentrated and highly diffused air freshener. It is specially formulated with delicate herbal, citrus and fresh aromas specially indicated for use in toilets.

It is presented in an aluminium can with adjustable lid to regulate the intensity of the perfume. Also it is provided with a double-sided tape on the base to fix it on any surface you like. It contains three organic pads impregnated with 30 grams of pure essence of high concentration. It is maintaining its aroma for more than 90 days, creating a pleasant atmosphere and providing a magnificent feeling of cleanliness.

How to use airnaturhome




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Modos de uso


Can :

  1. Remove the adjustable cover.
  2. Remove the aluminum membrane using its practical can opener.
  3. Replace the lid and adjust the intensity by regulating its ventilation system
  4. Enjoy your favorite perfume.