Air Natur Home

Air Natur Home History

airnaturhome A beautiful history of work and dedication in the delicate and sometimes enigmatic world of perfumery is what supports the birth and development of the Air Natur Home.

Since its founder, David Fernández Torres, graduated in Organic Chemistry in Granada, his journey through the world of fragrances has only increased.

In the 70s he began to work and acquire new knowledge at the French natural essences distillation company Charabot & CIE in Grasse, France. All this learning opened the doors to the perfumery department of the NIKE company, beginning there to create his first ‘haute couture’ fragrances.

Thus, in 1980 he founded L&D Aromáticos in Almería, with a deep and experienced perfumery background that made him the ideal person to create a new benchmark in the setting and perfumery.

To an offer of quality products backed by R&D and market studies where we can meet the tastes and needs of our customers, we add a concern for aesthetics with our own design team, continuous innovation and facilities prepared for all of it.

Currently Air Natur Home is focused on offering a line of exclusive high-quality perfumes and fragrances for home well-being and health (100% natural essential oils and blends) and men's and women's perfumes for all tastes.

A long road that continues to surprise and improve day by day.

Thank you for trusting Air Natur Home for so many years and more.