The scent of forever

Elegance and beauty go hand in hand in the perfume collection of Air Natur.

There are six unique and exclusive fragrances with delicious exquisite and intense touches that have been designed to please all types of women. Each perfume marks your personality and your character. Without any doubt it will be the detail that changes your day



How can I buy Air Natur products?
Air Natur is an original personal fragrance company that markets its products worldwide through an international network of franchisors operating through franchised shops.
We, therefore, sell exclusively on a wholesale basis. These Air Natur franchisors are responsible for selling our products under their criteria.
Air Natur Home is a manufacturer of perfumes, cosmetics, essential oils and fragrance diffusers for the home.
Which Air Natur products are ecological?
At Air Natur we are constantly working to care for the environment, respecting nature and taking care of it.
Within our product catalogue, we have recently introduced BIO essential oils. Eight organic essential oils (lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, mint, orange, tea tree, rosemary and incense) with immense health benefits while respecting the planet in their harvesting and manufacturing process.
What does the COSMOS ORGANIC certification of essential oils mean?

The COSMOS ORGANIC certificate

certifies that our essential oils can be classified as "ecological" or "ORGANIC". This means that it has been produced following European regulations for this type of product and that, therefore, neither pesticides nor chemical fertilisers, both of which are highly harmful to the environment and the health of the consumer, are used in its production.
By consuming organic products, you not only contribute to preserving and respecting the environment and the health of the skin, but you also have the certainty that you are using products of a much higher quality than the rest.

What is the minimum order quantity as a distributor?
As we are wholesale manufacturers, the minimum order quantities will be determined by the type of product and its production cost. We always ensure that the production of the requested products is profitable and beneficial for both parties.
The sales staff will determine the minimum quantities as they see fit.
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