How can I buy Air Natur products?
Air Natur is an original personal fragrance company that markets its products worldwide through an international network of franchisors operating through franchised shops.
We, therefore, sell exclusively on a wholesale basis. These Air Natur franchisors are responsible for selling our products under their criteria.
Air Natur Home is a manufacturer of perfumes, cosmetics, essential oils and fragrance diffusers for the home.
Which Air Natur products are ecological?
At Air Natur we are constantly working to care for the environment, respecting nature and taking care of it.
Within our product catalogue, we have recently introduced BIO essential oils. Eight organic essential oils (lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, mint, orange, tea tree, rosemary and incense) with immense health benefits while respecting the planet in their harvesting and manufacturing process.
What does the COSMOS ORGANIC certification of essential oils mean?

The COSMOS ORGANIC certificate certifies that our essential oils can be classified as "ecological" or "ORGANIC". This means that it has been produced following European regulations for this type of product and that, therefore, neither pesticides nor chemical fertilisers, both of which are highly harmful to the environment and the health of the consumer, are used in its production.
By consuming organic products, you not only contribute to preserving and respecting the environment and the health of the skin, but you also have the certainty that you are using products of a much higher quality than the rest.

What is the minimum order quantity as a distributor?
As we are wholesale manufacturers, the minimum order quantities will be determined by the type of product and its production cost. We always ensure that the production of the requested products is profitable and beneficial for both parties.
The sales staff will determine the minimum quantities as they see fit.
How can I become an official Air Natur distributor in my country?
To become an official distributor of Air Natur you only have to contact our sales staff by email at info@airnaturhome.com. Please note that in some countries and due to our extensive experience in the sector, we have exclusive distributors.
What are Air Natur's most popular products?
Our products are always based on a mix of innovation, design and comfort to guarantee a complete aromatisation of the environment. And a personal perfume that makes a difference and defines each consumer.
How long does the Luxe range of mikados last?
The duration always depends on the composition, size and material used.
At Air Natur, we work to constantly surpass the average duration of our products. Currently our Luxe 160ml. 0% alcohol mikados have a duration of more than 16 weeks with a constant and remarkable diffusion. Luxe is a line of high perfumery mikados that differentiates them from traditional mikados.
How can I use the essential oils and blends?
There are different ways to use the essential oils (Aromatherapy) and the Air Natur compositions or blends.
Using a diffuser:
  1. Fill your electric diffuser with water.
  2. Add the number of drops of your essential oil according to the need or intensity you want.
  3. Close your electric diffuser.
  4. Turn it on and regulate the time and interval of duration.
  5. Enjoy the benefits of your favorite aroma.
Via the skin: (In the case of essential oils)
  1. Dissolve the essential oil beforehand in a Carrier Oil (almond, jojoba, argan...).
  2. Apply to the desired area of the body.
  3. Before use, always consult a qualified person who is familiar with the use of essential oils.
Oral use: (In the case of essential oils)
The use of Aromatherapy Essential Oils is only indicated for oral consumption under the prescription of an accredited medical practitioner or expert. There are numerous ways of consuming essential oils orally depending on the intended use.
What are the benefits of 0% alcohol mikados?
The production of our 160ml 0% alcohol reed diffuser is backed up by their great benefits:
  • They last longer. They have slow evaporation without alcohol
  • They are healthy: do not cause headaches, do not irritate eyes and nose.
  • The intensity of the scent is constant. It does not change over time
  • Does not discolour the sticks. Mikados with alcohol may discolour them.
What is the intensity of the Luxe mikados of haute perfumery?
In order of highest to the lowest intensity it would be:
  • Jasmine Chamelí
  • Citrus Limetta
  • Rose Damascena
  • White Amber
  • Orange Flower
  • Violet Leaf
What age goes with each selection of perfume for women?
Air Natur perfumes are designed to meet the needs of a wide audience. The variety of tastes in society is perfectly reflected in the wide range of perfumes our collections have.
There is, therefore, no specific age for each perfume, but rather a way of looking at the world.
Wanderlust is designed for elegant, distinguished and classy women who know what to choose and are looking for unique fragrances. 20 years old? 40? It doesn't matter. The important thing is how you feel.
Rebel, on the other hand, is the perfect complement for those feisty, non-conformist and modern women who work hard for what they want. For those determined, beautiful women with a taste for the exotic and the new, this is your collection.
What are the sweetest perfumes?
Within Wanderlust the sweetest are:
  • Jasmine & White Musk
  • Citrus Limetta & Jasmine
  • Patchouli & Musk
  • Rose Damascena & Vanilla
When it comes to Rebel, the sweetest are:
  • Grapefruit & Violet
  • Cassia & Musk
  • Tuberose & Vanilla
Regarding Brave, the sweetest are:
  • Ambergris & Citrus Limetta
  • Cedarwood & Vanilla
  • Musk & Nutmeg