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Wanderlust Selection

We present our most international collection from Air Natur Home, Blends Essences World Edition. It is inspired by 6 of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world to create these modern but delicate aromas.

These are essences that transport you to life and to the sensations that inspire New York, Paris, Rome, Bali, Barcelona and London.

They are full of energy and with different nuances give each home the personality it needs. It consists of 6 different varieties that encompass the plurality of tastes of our customers.

New York

It is the most outstanding fragrance of the collection.

Its composition combines Lily and Citrus Limetta, which makes it distinctive and very characteristic being the ideal touch for lovers of fragrances that leave their mark.

It is a perfume that stomps thanks to the sum of its floral notes added to the wild oriental profile that makes it unique.


Fresh, clean, simple ...

They are qualities that define this aroma that will give in a very subtle way this touch of elegance and distinction to your favorite corner that makes it something unique.

Its fruity notes of Mandarin and the contribution of Ylang Ylang make Paris a pleasant and balanced fragrance that will not leave you indifferent.


It is a perfume that revives the charm of this city.

It is delicate and charming but at the same time full of strength. The touches of Patchouli and Bergamot define Rome with citrus aromas with vanilla and pineapple.

Its original details opt for simplicity, configuring itself as a carefree and at the same time elegant fragrance.


The energy and purity of Bali come together to stand out in your favorite place at home.

It is the perfect way to start a day full of vitality and positivism with a scent of Violet and Sandalwood.

In addition, its fruity base notes give you the freshness you need for your day-to-day.


Sweet and feminine.

These are the two main distinctive that define the Barcelona fragrance thanks to its perfect combination of Rose and Vanilla.

It creates a delicate personality with a base of patchouli and citrus notes but with a lot of presence and a long duration.


It is a modern aroma created with Vanilla, Amber and Musk flowers.

These well-known fragrances form a special combination for an ideal environment in any home corner.

It is a sweet fragrance with personality that will become the point of reference for you.


Air Natur Home

Individual 10 ml

Air Natur Home

Edition 6 units

Air Natur Home

Display 18 units

Air Natur Home

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Wanderlust Selection

The name really says it all. It is a collection of 6 blends that you will not be able to forget. There are six exotic fragrances that are carefully selected and inspired by the most emblematic cities of Asia: Delhi, Dubai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore. These perfumes owe their body and majesty to their chosen natural principles to delight the senses.

Lavender from the South of France and the Muget Flower Absolute come together in the Hong Kong fragrance.
Mandarin Peel Cyprus and Vanilla Bourbon give life to the enigmatic Beijing. Dubai is a cosmopolitan place of constant expansion and it is composed of Bergamot Calabria and Amber from Indonesia.
Absolute Musk and Patchouli of Mauritania form the exotic city of Delhi. The magic of Taiwan smells like Gardenia Grandiflora and Ambrette Seed Nossi Bé. And finally the soft Singapore fragrance created from Lily Absolute Grassé and Vanilla Reunion Extract, thus closing a collection full of delicate and elegant perfumes.


This essence is full of romance and contains a perfect balance between citrus and sweet.

It is characterized by its Tangerine aroma with Vanilla and Lavender notes. These remind us of a vibrant and colorful Beijing with fresh and sensual touches.


It is a woody aroma with very present notes of Patchouli and Musk that will take you immediately to the sensual and warm Middle East.

Wrap yourself in this fragrance full of glamor and character. Make every corner of your house memorable.


This different and distinguished essence is composed to attract you from the first moment as Dubai does.

The citrus touches of Bergamot and Lima dissolved in Amber will fill your home with the vitality and energy you need.

Hong Kong

It is a fragrance characterized by a fresh note of Lima that gives way to an intermingled touch of Lily, Lavender and Jasmine.

It is sexy, elegant and sweet and will leave no one indifferent.

Let yourself be captivated by the vintage and timeless essence of Hong Kong.


A perfect touch of Vanilla, Lily of Valley and Amber creates this strong and elegant essence that shows you the challenge and the opulence of Singapore without any kind of shyness.

It is mythical, feminine and unforgettable.


Gardenia, Ylang-Ylang and Musk form this floral, citrus, sweet and warm aroma that dares to take you to an atmosphere of independence, seduction and elegance.

Let Taiwan enchant you with its infinite nuances and be the reference that stands out in every corner of your life.


Air Natur Home

Individual 10 ml

Air Natur Home

Edition 6 units

Air Natur Home

Display 18 units

Wanderlust Selection

It is an edition designed to remember the aromas of the ancient Al-Andalus, a land of race and traditions that has marked the personality of southern Spain.

Sun of Almería, Aires de Málaga, Sunset in Cádiz, Medina Azahara, Dreams of Seville and Luna de la Alhambra are the 6 types of aromas that Air Natur Home offers in its oriental and ethnic collection.

They are compositions created delicately by our expert perfumers and they are designed for the most exotic tastes that will stand out in any place of your home.


It is a unique perfume in which you will not avoid remembering the personal and distinctive aromas that flood the streets of Seville in spring.

The memory of a blooming orange blossom makes its way with this composition of floral and fruity notes. It awakens the joy and charm of each corner thanks to its predominant natural Rose and Bergamot.


The air and freshness of the coast of Malaga are reflected in this fragrance. Sweet and fresh will be the perfect welcome to your home.

Jasmine and Vanilla are its main notes that remind the representative Andalusian city.


Cheerful, young and spontaneous. This is the Sunset fragrance in Cadiz, as are its people. It has character and strong personality.

Your home will be remembered and differentiated by its special aroma provided by the notes of Geranium and Jasmine on amber and musk.

It stands out with fresh and fruity touches.


It is the perfume that best describes the sensations that are experienced in the beautiful city of the Alhambra.

It is a fragrance that highlights its base note of musk and that within its sweetness, it stands out with Vanilla and Lily making it light and attractive for the whole family.

Medina Azahara

It is an emblematic place that gives name to a fragrance with strength.

Some notes that stand out with aroma of Patchouli and Jasmine in combination with coconut that highlight its woody base.

The perfume that gives name to this memorable memory of Al Andalus is elegant and has personality.


The sun of Almeria gives name to this fragrance full of energy and passion.

It has a base where the vanilla stands out and the violet and patchouli touches are superimposed to stand out with an orange note.

This mixture gives you an incomparable sensation of freshness that will flood every space of your home.


Air Natur Home

Individual 10 ml

Air Natur Home

Edition 6 units

Air Natur Home

Display 18 units

Wanderlust Selection

Fruity Edition is the collection of Air Natur Home olfactory identical to the aroma extracted from the very pulp of the best fruits, carefully selecting well known by everyone aromas.

The most exotic fruits such as mango, apple-cinnamon or red berries create a perfect balance with other more day-to-day and well recognized aromas as strawberry, cherry or raspberry.

Fruit fragrances stand out for being cheerful and full of vitality, perfumes that transmit an atmosphere of positivity and energy that raise the mood.


Cherry is the most original fragrance in the Fruity Edition collection of Air Natur Home, it is characterized by its fruity and sweet touches with a slight touch of acidity that filled up your home.

This is a tenacious perfume that will not stay unnoticed, because it is appropriate for any occasion.


It is traditional and worldwide known fragrance. Air Natur Home strawberry blend is the aroma that everyone likes, both young and old.

This is tasty, sweet and at the same time light fragrance that you cannot be missed to breathe a life into your favourite place.

Wild Berries

This is exotic and at the same time comforting aroma.

The Air Natur Home red berries fragrance brings the point of balance and serenity you need at every moment of your life.

Thanks to it constant diffusion, it will be your perfect company when you want to disconnect from your day to day affairs.


Apple- Cinnamon is a vibrant and unusual fragrance created by Air Natur Home.

It is fascinating and delicate combination of two fruit ingredients designed for the most exquisite tastes.

The ideal fragrance to give personality to your home, making a step beyond the mythical apple aroma.


The freshness of the exotic mango expressed in perfume.

This fruity blend of Air Natur Home perfectly recreates the tropical sensation experienced with mango.

Let the force of the Caribbean Sea step into your home.


Air Natur Home has created a soft and exquisite sweet aroma for the sugariest whims.

It is the perfect fragrance to create experiences full of love and vitality with your loved ones.

Let yourself flood of raspberry delicacy.


Air Natur Home

Individual 10 ml

Air Natur Home

Edition 6 units

Air Natur Home

Display 18 units

Wanderlust Selection

The sweetest collection of Air Natur Home ‘Sweetie Edition’ is composed of six exclusive warm and soft fragrances that will make you fall in love.

Cotton candy, chewing gum, lollipop, vanilla, caramel and sweet cinnamon are the six sweet and captivating aromas that will make your home a comfortable place full of love and sweetness. Its diffusion and intensity will create a unique environment for lovers of the sugariest fragrances. Do you dare to try them?

Cotton Candy

A happy memory of your childhood. That will be the first thing you will feel when you know the Sweetie Edition cotton candy blend.

It is a sweet aroma with soft touches of strawberry, which makes it ideal for more familiar environments.

The little ones in the house will be delighted with it.

Bubble Gum

The intense aroma of a candy store is recreated in your home thanks to the bubble gum blend.

Delicious and sweet, the gum will definitely arouse great moments of happiness and relaxation thanks to its incomparable softness and elegance.


It is a delicious fragrance like lollipops are.

The acidic touches of lollipop aroma without losing that sweet touch is designed for friends of this mythical gift that has made those good times happen to generations and generations.

It is a jovial and fun fragrance that will enchant you.


It is a unique vanilla from Air Natur that gives a shape to this classic aroma.

Strength and intensity go hand in hand to satisfy the fans of this exceptional fragrance that the whole family likes so much.

Your home will be a pure delight thanks to it.


It is enveloping and delicious. This is the sweetie edition caramel aroma.

It is full of nuances that you will discover little by little so that it never ceases to amaze you. It is ideal for the sweetest but light tastes.

You'll love it.

Sweet Cinnamon

It goes from the most handmade pastry to your home.

Sweet cinnamon will evoke in you exquisite sensations typical of the best bakeries in the world.

Sweet cinnamon with an exotic touch is an unmistakable fragrance that creates warm and welcoming environments exclusive to you.


Air Natur Home

Individual 10 ml

Air Natur Home

Edition 6 units

Air Natur Home

Display 18 units

How to use:

Using a electric diffuser:

  1. Fill your electric diffuser with wáter.
  2. Add 3 - 5 drops of your favorite essential oil.
  3. Close your electric diffuser.
  4. Turn it on and adjust the time and duration interval.
  5. Enjoy you favorite essential oil blend.