About us

The AIR NATUR experience goes back 37 years of experience in the fragrance sector and it is at the service of a clean and pleasant ENVIRONMENT.

We focus mainly on the INNOVATION of perfumes and the product, following the emotions of the consumer which are what create the trends.

We serve the tastes of people with RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. This gives us solutions that we apply in emblematic PRODUCTS and that are represented by the PREMIUM brand which protects the green ecosystem with the best exclusive raw materials used in AIR NATUR.

It is the result of the experience of a family company L&D, of perfumers trained in the prestigious French company of distillation of natural essences CHARABOT & CIE, in GRASSE.

Competitive advantages

airnaturhome CLP certification

It is a rigorous method that guarantees that the essences we offer have followed strict quality controls. They are specific for each of them, so that they meet the highest quality standard and can be used safely.


For this, each fragrance comes with its MSDS, which is the safety data sheet of the components of its formula.

airnaturhome Quality Control

The manufacture of each of our products is supervised by qualified and expert people in order to ensure that they meet the quality and design specifications established by the company.


airnaturhome Olfactory Marketing

The fragrance that will make you stand out. We work continuously in the creation and development of our clients' requests through a personalization of the service that implies better practices, security, legal standards and personalized attention. We evaluate the needs of each of our clients and work as a team to achieve sensations associated with a specific aroma, appropriate to your location or establishment.

airnaturhome The commitment of a team

We are continuously expanding our presence in different key markets. One of the great advantages of working with us is in the benefit of our clients to have the experience, effort and flexibility of a multicultural team that shares their passion for the essence. All this added to the resources of a multinational company.

airnaturhome Own design team

AIR NATUR works with a team of innovative and creative professional experts with extensive experience in Marketing and Design. Our multicultural, fast and flexible structure allows us to create direct contact and complete attention to the ideas and needs of our clients.

airnaturhome All our clients are special and have a role

Working together as a team, we develop an essential link to better understand your needs. In this way, we create each product, design and special fragrance.

airnaturhome Recycling

We are committed to the environment. All our products are labeled with descriptive information on the protection of the terrestrial and marine environment. The formulas of our fragrances comply with the requirements for good environmental practice according to the rules of the European Community. AIR NATUR works with the ECOEMBES organization to improve prevention procedures and efficiency in recycling. All our efforts are directed towards the care of our most precious asset, our natural environment.

airnaturhomeCostumer service

Our main challenge is focused on taking maximum care of our relationship with our customers, having well defined the most appropriate processes to solve any incident in the least expensive way possible. In this way, one of the great keys to our success lies in the personalized attention we offer to consumers by our commercial team and through our website and social networks, with the aim of solving any type of doubt and addressing suggestions anytime.

airnaturhome World presence

It has its own delegations in Spain, Germany and the US, added to a commercial presence in more than 80 countries.