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Cotton Candy

This essence reminds us of a candy with exquisite sweet and delicate aromas which transform it into a unique, bright and warm fragrance, which provides us with a lasting and enveloping aroma and acts as a stimulant creating cheerful and fun environments.


Laurocerasus officinalis

An oasis of sweetness that combines the aromatic substances of flowers and citrus fruits, linked with subtle almond notes that add a special touch.

Originally from Sedir Island, Turkey, it is distinguished by its diffusive and sweet aroma, which transforms it into one of the fragrances most used by consumers.

Aroma of purity

Our range of aroma of purity products, evoke freshness and purity instantly with its soft and delicate aroma that will flood our mood with liveliness.

It cleans the environment and provides an impeccable feeling of cleanliness.


It is appreciated for its unmistakable intense and lasting aroma, it acts as a stimulant creating cheerful and fun environments.

Its essence that reminds us of a candy makes it a delicious fragrance, enveloping and diffusive, with great acceptance among young people of modern tastes.

Baby Laundry

This is tender and classic perfume that will transport us to our best memories.

Appreciated for its extremely fresh and light scent, this fragrance will awaken the feelings and emotions of our childhood, creating environments that bring on serenity and comfort and make it one of the most demanded by consumers.


Fragaria ananassa

Its aroma comes from the family Rosaceae, originally from the Frioul archipelago, Marseille.

It is appreciated for its sweet aromatic essence, linked with soft citrus chords, it acts to revitalize the mood and the positive energy.

With a diffusive and long-lasting aroma, it creates an exotic and unique fragrance capable of balancing any environment.

Wild Berries

This is the essence that will flood us with energy.

It is appreciated for its sweet and intense aroma, which is a combination of wild preferential notes as protagonists of this iconic perfume, with subtle sweet and citrus chords that add a warm and comfortable touch to your home.

All this, makes this fragrance unique, with its own personality and fantastic diffusion, intense and lasting.

Marsella Soap

Its aroma comes from the traditional pure soap of Marseille.

It is appreciated for being one of the cleanest essences that can be smelled in a home.

Its intense and lasting diffusion, transform it into a unique and inimitable fragrance with soft citrus and floral chords.


Jasmin Concréte

Its odor is immensely rich and tenacious.

It is appreciated for being the most aromatic flower among existed ones, which come from Jasminum Officinale.

The soft perfume that it distils roots back to its origin in the Himalayas of China, and emphasizes its predominant floral tonality, that combine with subtle warm chords transforming it into one of the more widely used flowers in perfumery as a symbol of purity and goodness.


Lavanda officinalis

Originated in French Provence, it is distinguished by its unmistakable refreshing scent and its relaxing properties.

Composed of slight balsamic-woody hints and combined with fresh and floral herbaceous hints, making it one of the most used fragrances par excellence.


Syringa Vulgaris

Its smell is extremely constant and uniform.

The base of Lilac flower from Grasse is a combination of the predominant floral tonality, which evokes the scent of the Welsh daffodil, and slight sweet balsamic hints, adding a different touch, which makes it a soft and delicate fragance.

Odor Neutralizer Polar

It is a highly effective odor eliminator.

Its formula, made according to the last word in science, allows that with only 2 or 3 sprays at any space inside of your home the air will have a clean polar smell.


Its essence evokes sweetness and its intense and everlasting aroma makes it the fragrance as delicious and enveloping as diffusive, providing an incomparable odor that will invade us completely.


Rose Concréte, Damascena

One of the most appreciated fragrances in the world, as a symbol of beauty and elegance. It smells extremely delicious.

It is an exclusive essence that combines warm, floral and spicy hints and is called the Queen of fragrances because of its intense and refined tone, transforming it into a sophisticated and matchless aroma.



Its special sweet and spicy fragrance is extremely delicious.

The base of this fragrance is a combination of Bourbon Vanilla’s sweetness and the slight woody and balsamic scents, which transform it into one of the most scheming and matchless fragrances in regard to its quality and elegance.

Orange Blossom

Al - azahar

Its name is commonly associated with the orange flower, the most appreciated for its beauty, aroma and therapeutic properties. Its aromatic and delicate flowers from Palawan combined with slight herbal-sweet hints, turning it into a sublime fragrance.

Midnight Jasmine

Cestrum nocturnum

Essence that awakes your senses. Originally from San Andres Island, Colombia, this fragrance is appreciated for the scent of its flowers which open during the spring and summer nights. It is distinguished by its exotic aroma, intense and natural, it captivates us and immerses us in an environment of well-being and tranquility.

Cinnamon - Apple

Its characteristic sweet and spicy aroma is extremely rich. It is appreciated for its aromatic spicy notes and mixed with an exquisite sweet touch, which make this classic and cozy combination one of the most inimitable essences in its quality and elegance.


It captures the essence of water and with the freshness of its aroma it is created to flood our senses of freedom. Its unmistakable smell, fresh and long lasting, allows to expand a sense of purity creating environment of balance and well-being.